1 - Design of Medical gas network :

Design of medical gas network as per medical gas standard HTM2022 & HTM0201. Also As per CBAHI requirements also as per MOH requirements this design by our technical office which trained and have HTM license

2 - Supply of Medical gas network :

Supply all medical gas network components from our factory (Precision Parts UK LTD) the manufacturer for all below components:

  • Medical Grade Copper Pipes EN13348
  • Medical Gas outlets British and DIN standard
  • Area Valve Service Unit with Digital Alarm
  • Line Ball Valves all sizes
  • Medical Air compressors
  • Medical Vacuum Pumps
  • Medical AGSS Pumps
  • Liquid oxygen tanks
  • Bed Head Units and Pendants
  • All medical gas network accessories

3 – Installation of Medical gas network :

We install medical gas network as per HTM requirements and as per MOH and CBAHI requirements by our technicians who trained and approved from our factory in UK and welders approved from official offices like Alhoty and supervision by specialized engineers for each project to verify the quality of installation and project specs.

4 – Test the network of medical gas :

We test medical gas network as per HTM0201 appendix A requirements as below<:/p>

  • Leak test
  • Cross connection test
  • Purity test
  • Humidity test
  • Concentration test

5 – Maintenance for Medical gas network

Maintenance is an essential undertaking as part of our role to keep medical gas network System safe, fit for purpose and operating efficiently , in line with our obligations.

please contact us as early as possible so that we can consider whether we can also realign our works to reduce any impacts.

6- Our duties after commissioning :

Supplying country of origin certificate. Nurse and medical staff training on equipment operation. Engineering staff training on the Preventive and emergency maintenance according to a scheduled program and manufacturer instructions.. Following a Periodic maintenance program approved from the manufacturer during warranty

7 - Warranty for Medical gas network :

We Guarantee the medical gas network after testing commissioning and handing over for two years included spare parts also we train the maintenance staff how to use and maintain the network and give them certificates